Monday, 5 November 2007

Pursuing your dreams

When I was younger, I wanted to create music for the rest of my life. Never mind that I didn't know a half-note from a quarter-note (and still don't!) That never entered my mind. But then one day, I met the Turing programming language. And it was love. Fortunately, I've always found that tracking and coding are complementary. So my dream evolved a bit: I wanted to create music and software for the rest of my life.

I will spare you from the clich├ęd details of the current state of my life goals but to me, pursuing a dream/goal means always inching yourself closer. It is rare that someone is fortunate (stupid?) enough to drop everything and pursue that one single overarching desire. Usually, life gets in the way. People have families, mortgages and obligations which feel more important than your goal. Not to say that they aren't equally important (well, not mortgages anyway!) but people shelve their dreams for the wrong reasons.

Sometimes, keeping the pursuit of the dream alive is as important as achieving it.

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