Friday, 9 November 2007

Yay for IRC

So last night I sent yesterday's post to #lisp for some feedback. Lucky for me, Peter Seibel of Practical Common Lisp fame was online and read over my post.

He pointed out that the special characters which are useful in macro expansion actually have nothing to do with macro expansion *at all*. For example, the backquote character is useful for creating lists while interpolating values. This surprised me but if you read Peter's book, specifically Chapter 8 - Macros: Defining Your Own, you would surely come to that understanding.

In the end, the best resource on macros for a noob is definitely the above linked chapter. I will have to read it again tonight.

Peter also looked over my multiple-value-bind post and pointed to his own macro. It is actually quite clever but I still prefer my solution :-)

Thanks Peter, I appreciate your time!

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