Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cats: Is there anything they can't do?

Two cats + a laser pointer = hours of fun.

My favourite moves:

  • The zig-zagging cat

  • The wall climbing cat

  • Head-on colliding cats

Ah cats. Always good for a laugh.


Alistair said...

I had a black permese a few years ago who would go positively bonkers over the laser pointer - he loved it!

These days, I have a rather playful ragdoll cat and she is great. I haven't tried the laser pointer with her, maybe I'll give it a go at Christmas but I do know she loves playing fetch and chasing a fluffy wand around.

Sohail Somani said...

Right now, my two cats are little devils. They knocked down the Christmas tree yesterday! I can't wait for them to mellow out a bit :-) It was kind of funny watching them try and figure out what a tree was doing inside and then playing with it.