Saturday, 15 December 2007

Programmer's shopping list

Every red-blooded programmer must splurge now and then on some technical books that have nothing to do with their current work. For me, this is typically vacation and Christmas time. While I am regularly purchasing on-topic business and technical books during the year, this year, I am spoiling myself on:

A bit schizophrenic, I admit, but I love Lisp and Rails seems to be getting used everywhere nowadays. I can't say I disagree with the value proposition of Rails, as I see it:

You know how you always do the same damn thing for every single web application? Well this framework does it all for you in a way that works for everyone.

Nothing like solving non-problems to get you thinking about your real problems!

Someone wise once told me that it is good to get into the habit of purchasing books regularly. Unfortunately, I seem to stick to non-fiction, or atleast factual. I would like to get into more political or historical readings, but don't know any good ones!

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