Thursday, 6 December 2007

SVN: Mergin' ain't easy (but somebody gotta do it)

An update on Subversion 1.5. I haven't seen it advertised much, for obvious reasons, but it may be the case that Subversion 1.5 ships without merge tracking or with very limited merge tracking.

From a posting on Subversion merge tracking:

I think you're referring to the new merge tracking features of 1.5. By following Subversion-devel, I can tell you that it's not even clear at this point what kind of merge support should be expected in 1.5 and what will be deferred to 1.6 or even later.

Why this is the case is beyond me. Collabnet has had a merge tracking beta for quite some time now. My guess is that they haven't had enough feedback. Regardless, you can count on a quality implementation once the feature is actually released.

If you are currently using Subversion, I think the best choice is still doing whole-tree merges. Cherry-picking using should only be used for release branches.

With a well-defined process, you barely notice lack of merge tracking. Except when someone screws it up!

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