Monday, 25 February 2008

Update: Generating DocBook output using Common Lisp and SBCL

Referencing yesterday's post.

Since Jason asked for the source code, I figured I would post it in a blog instead of a comment as it is more annoying to write a medium-sized comment.

Be warned, it will only work in SBCL and on Linux :-) You need to install docbook-utils (which is apparently the old way of doing things.) On Ubuntu, apt-get install docbook-utils should do you. Here are the files in my little demo:

This code is a hackjob so please keep the pointing and laughing to a minimum. Especially docbook-tree-to-xml-string. There are so many things wrong with that function!

The way I use it is I start up Slime, edit ebook.lisp and use C-c C-l which reloads the file into the Lisp image.

Enjoy and leave comments if you have any questions.

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