Friday, 14 March 2008

Piracy surcharge? Wtf? Think of the kittens!

Totally off-topic.

Music industry proposes a piracy surcharge on ISPs.

You know, you'd think they would realize that being able to charge $5/month/user results in big $$$. Big enough so that you *don't* need to call it piracy anymore. I think everyone I know would gladly pay $X/month to have access to the world's music collection in high quality. But if you call it a piracy surcharge, I ain't paying. How about calling it a "music access surcharge" or something that is more indicative of its purpose.

Mmmmkay, lets do the math:

  1. Let's say $1.50 per broadband user per month (I'm sorry, $5 for you not providing any infrastructure is too much.)

  2. Let's say oh 33.9 million *subscribers* in America alone

Per-month, that works out to: 50.85 million dollars in America for doing nothing special except promising not to sue anyone.

Per-year, that works out to $610 million dollars in America alone, again, for doing nothing special. You could probably get double that if you get the European countries and Canada on board.

I'd *love* to own that business. No distribution costs? That is ridiculous! This is the new world order people.

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