Sunday, 18 May 2008

30 day product challenge: taking registrations!

I originally made a post here outlining that I think a 30 day product challenge for developers would be an interesting experiment. Others seemed to echo this sentiment.

The intent is for this to put you front and center so that if you fail, you look really bad ;-) Hey, it works for me!

So, in the spirit of something every two days, I have started a wiki here:

You may register for the challenge simply by creating an account (go to the bottom of the page for the link!) Please be sure to subscribe to the FrontPage after you register so that you can be notified when the challenge starts.

Thanks to Phillip Flores for motivating me to get things set up.

It is quite probable that the site will buckle under the load of more than 5 people simultaneously accessing it ;-) If this happens to you, please keep trying!

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