Monday, 26 May 2008

30 day product challenge: update

The idea: Develop or prototype a commercial application in 30 days. Then decide what to do with it.

Initially I had thought this Wiki would be the central point for a uISV community but I should have known better. It appears that people are a lot more comfortable with using their own blogs to update progress.

With that in mind, Patrick McKenzie (a successful uISV owner, whom I greatly respect) has decided to jump on the bandwagon in his own way

I am joining up with him and will be starting in mid-June while I complete some other work.

I will be aggregating all the 30 day participants I can find at this feed

Best of luck and happy coding!

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Mike Wilson said...

Best of luck with your idea. I'm from another ISV starting the 30 day challenge afresh today.

I've mentioned you in my "day 0" article which you can find here:

Would it be possible for you to add this to the aggregated feed? (

Many thanks, see you throughout this month!