Wednesday, 7 May 2008

BoostCon '08

I gave an all day workshop on Boost Serialization yesterday. I was a bit nervous as I hadn't really tested the material elsewhere and I think the BoostCon organizers were also nervous as they had never seen me work my magic. Fortunately, I had a few gems in there and my section on forward compatible file formats with the serialization library was my favourite part. For my money, I think people got the most out of it because there were a few practical activities in the session (though we didn't have time for all of them.)

Anyway, at the end of it, one of the attendees said that it was likely going to be the highlight of their week which is a great review for me! For what its worth, I don't think that there is any way the session could have gone as well as it did without the amount of dedication the attendees had so I am very grateful to them. So many of them stayed throughout the breaks to work on their activities! That was awesome of them and made me want to make sure that they "got it" even more!

Now I am heading to the keynote by Bjarne (who seems to be walking around in a hat to remain anonymous?) That will be a highlight for me, but really, giving that presentation with those attendees is the ultimate highlight.

PS: If you ever want to live on the wild side, try and get people to compile Boost in your presentation. That was "fun" but paid off once people had things working.

PPS: In my opinion, the *first* session for everyone in BoostCon should be geared towards getting people compiling and running Boost.


timothysc said...

Good job Sohail! Serialization is a beast to tackle, and I thought it was a good introduction.


Sohail Somani said...

Thanks Tim. I totally agree that it is a beast to tackle!

I'm glad you thought it was a good introduction. Maybe next year there will be a more advanced session given the level of interest there was this year.

Anonymous said...

Only your's and Dave's tutorials had some coding sessions. Both threads and asio did not have any hands on. I don't know what people learnt from those tutorials.

Sohail Somani said...

Well I sure learned something: that boost threads has evolved quite a bit! I am very happy about interruption points.

But yes, I think hands on beats talking anytime :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree you learnt something. But what is the difference between Tutorials and a regular author's corner presentations.

Sohail Somani said...

I understand your point and I myself would love to see more hands-on stuff. I did make this point indirectly with the organizers but I am sure that they would love to hear it from the attendees.

Anonymous said...

fortunately you missed asio. It was really awful. The speaker was struggling on the stage.