Thursday, 31 July 2008

Qt/Lisp: more progress

I've replaced the unsightly (make-instance 'qstring :ch "Foo") with a reader macro: #q"Foo". Ideally we'd use cl:string and qstring interchangeably but right now its too much of a PITA to make that work.

I've also made it possible to use closures for slots (see example below.) Frickin sweet.

Anyway, I started getting into the Dock Widgets example but lost interest after seeing all the code. Here is the code so far. Not very concise yet but will get there. Once I get into make-it-less-ugly mode, I will probably copy what Paul did with EQL as he calls it now.

Also the :foreign-pointer thingy will go away when I get around to adding cffi type translations.

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