Thursday, 19 March 2009

A seemingly complete Qt API for CL

Just came across this library called CommonQT.

It is more complete than the API I developed earlier. It is also using the KDE Smoke libraries which make it damn easy to create the API on the fly.

Very exciting.


Draggor said...

How does this compare to EQL? Does this one work on windows? (I'd like to think so given that it's QT4)

Sohail Somani said...

EQL is not a complete API because it requires C++ code to extend Qt. On the other hand, CommonQt requires *no* C++ code because the library uses the KDE Smoke library. You can override C++ virtual functions without writing any C++ code.

As for whether it runs on Windows, I don't know but I can bet the answer is "not right now" since it has only been tested on Linux/SBCL+CCL.

I have a C++ Windows/Linux/Mac app that I'd love to port to CommonQt but I've got to schedule some vacation time for it or something!