Monday, 4 May 2009

BoostCon 2009

BoostCon starts tomorrow.

I went to the first and second Boost conferences. The first as an attendee, the second as a speaker. I was blown away by the quality of the talks, particularly the author's corner series of talks. I think that if the organizers are smart about it, this can be one of the best conferences. For me, it is already on par with conferences like SD West for quality and relevance.

I am extremely disappointed that I could not make it this year due to my schedule being way too busy. I hope that some of you reading this have been able to schedule better than me and go to BoostCon.

If you are attending, please ask at least one very difficult on-topic question in each of your talks for me.

Also, ask Joel de Guzman about Boost.GUI. Apparently he's got something cooking (you didn't hear it from me!)

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