Friday, 18 July 2008

Qt/Lisp: looking for feedback

Update: You can download the generated code from here.

The tubes were down this morning, so I managed to get up to tutorial 6 in my Qt/Lisp API. It covers about 95% of the API by design so most of the non-extension tutorials/examples should work.

I would like to hear your complaints, suggestions, feedback if you have any.

Note that this API is a first draft and I thought it better to have something out there than wait until everything is perfect.

To start with, my current complaints:

  • (in-package :qt) -> Nothing is actually exported from the package yet :-)

  • (make-instance 'qstring ...) -> A really verbose way to pass a string! Should convert lisp strings to qstrings automagically.

  • Naming: instead of qpush-button, q:push-button

  • No way to extend Qt from within Lisp yet (tutorial 7 won't work)

  • No way to attach arbitrary functions as slots

  • Not Lispy enough.

I expect to address most of these at some point though the "Not Lispy enough" complaint is a bit subjective.


Anonymous said...

actually i find this pretty usefull. However I'm not able to generate the .so on my debian (stable) with sbcl (1.0.16) and qt4 libraries.

Do you have any hints?

_ said...

What is the problem you are having? You might need to install the qt4-dev package.

Luís said...

Nice. How did you build qt_wrap.cxx?

_ said...


I used a patched version of SWIG. However, SWIG can't handle Qt headers by itself so I had to generate the SWIG input by some other dubious means :-)