Monday, 12 May 2014

So I was right about the vector, wrong about the players

You will cringe hard when you read how I wrote about C# many years ago but I had honestly expected this to happen to C#, not Java. Maybe having C# as a ISO standard actually had some benefits.

Will there be a Heartbleed-like crisis where these ideas will cause a reckoning for the industry? As I understand it, the licensing for implementing the x86/x86_64 ISAs reached monopoly level years ago, actively shutting out competition. The main hardware innovation is now coming from mobile where x86 can't yet compete. PC sales have been leveling out ever since the introduction of iStuff. I don't think the three are correlated, but it is interesting.

PS: If you still want to be friends, do not read the rest of the content on that first link. Oh man.

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